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We've sat across the kitchen table to encourage the caregiver whose father has ALS.

We've comforted the newly single mom who suddenly has to work every day just to make ends meet.

We've been at the bedside of the child consumed with cancer.

One thing they all have in common? They can no longer attend church.

...Until now.

Welcome to Church At My House, where we meet you just as you are, wherever you are. Church At My House is an online church experience for anyone who cannot make it to church on Sundays. Each week, you’ll have free, on-demand access to Bible-centered teaching. You’ll be part of a community of people who are just like you – people who want to be in church, but just can’t right now.


  • 1Offer weekly, practical Bible teaching in a convenient format for people who cannot go to church because they are caregiving for a loved one, struggling with severe anxiety, work on Sundays, or any other reason that may keep them from physically attending church
  • 2Create a Gospel-focused resource for people who want to host home churches, but aren’t comfortable with Bible teaching. We’d LOVE to equip a network of home churches domestically and globally!
  • 3Translate messages into multiple languages (currently looking at Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian) in order to take the Gospel to other parts of the world
  • 4Develop online small groups to help you connect to other people who want to be in church but can't
  • 5Host Church At My House pop-up church services around the U.S. and in other parts of the world.